Bakelite Boy

Kohler Arts/Industry Residency, Kohler Co. Foundry, Sheboygan, WI    

Three months residency - Fall 2001
6.5" x 4.5" x 3.25"
The original found Florentine boy bust, gift of a friend, unknown origins

Foam Pattern

6' x 4' x 3', detail
C & C pattern for casting Titus, 3 lbs. density foam

Titus Titus Titus

Waiting With Titus

Kohler Corporate Collection, located in front of the Kohler Design Center, Kohler Village
91' x 48' x 64' - 2001
Cast iron, fabricated steel


In The Front Yard With Titus

18" x 11" - 2001
Archival color prints
A series of 24 individuals and families out front of their homes

Titus Titus